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Toy Smell Pungent? Poor Quality Glues Work!
- Aug 20, 2015 -

Kids just love to play with toys, sometimes sleeping will be holding a toy to sleep, but some of the toys are a number of issues, such as some plastics toy smell, often heard is harmful to the human body. So when you buy toys, be sure to select the branded toys line.

Common toy seems not much different, but good quality plastic toys to buy actually price gap. Mainly brand, production process and product quality. Now fill the cotton price per kg not less than dozens of toy market, a large plush toy stuffed cotton 1 kg falling. Combined with fabrics and artificial production, said at least 100 Yuan of sales price, the price is too cheap plush toys you'd better not buy it.

In the toy market, a number of small plastic toys, brightly colored varieties of inexpensive, but opening the box, a terrible smell. "Taste of plastic raw material itself is not. "The shopkeeper said, by the scent of a lot of toys are cheap toy plasticizers, adhesives, coatings and so on.

Chemistry and chemical engineering of Liaoning Normal University, a teacher says, now part of cheap plastic toys on the market are made of poor waste plastic, in order to increase the toughness will use a plastic plasticizer, toys of the adhesives used in the engagement process, used in inks, paints, formaldehyde, benzene, phenol, methanol, lead and other harmful substances. "Such a proposal, toys, tries not to let young children chronic exposure, such as prolonged exposure to heavy metals and other substances harmful to the body to release. "Therefore remind parents, when buying toys, be sure to choose a good brand of toys, Wing Kei toys of toy production quality is guaranteed, is your good choice!