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Plastic Toy Has The Characteristics Which
- Aug 20, 2015 -

With the advancement of social progress, people there are also changed in terms of choosing toys, plastic toys loved by the vast number of the people. Why is plastic toy so popular?

Plastic toy Department of raw material is extracted from some of the oil, the most familiar part of PC material is extracted from petroleum and PC material in there is a smell of gasoline when burned; ABS is extracted from coal, ABS will burn out was soot-like; POM is extracted from natural gas, POM will burn there is a smell of very smelly gas.

Plastic toy has the following characteristics: mechanical properties of plastic materials are usually much lower than metal, but some of the strength and modulus of composites than metal, if products designed, can give full play to superiority; There is little fatigue of plastic materials data, according to the application requirements be considered; the mechanical properties of plastic materials in the heat for a long time will obviously decrease; some plastic materials will absorb moisture, and caused a change of size and performance; as plastic raw materials at room temperature and below its yield strength stress stress for a long time, there will be permanent deformation.