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Main Factors Influencing The International Competitiveness Of Chinese Toy Industry
- Aug 20, 2015 -

Products out of the market, design research and development lag behind

Toy now in developed countries have set optical, mechanical, electrical, as a whole, outside of high-tech video games, more than half of the toy market is occupied by adult toys. Domestic toy seems to have stopped in the 20th century, 60-70 's level of design and production for children only, product mix and is seriously out of the international market. In the toy variety, even plastic toys, toys in China's competitiveness is far weaker than the United States, Europe and Japan and other countries. Meanwhile, patented toys with cartoon characters as archetypes in recent years by the children's favorite mainstream products, but in this respect mostly remain in simple production stage. Toy design in China stagnated, nearly to the brink was engulfed by the latest trends in the world overall.

Little toy sales channels, single market

China plastic toy industry distribution model and toy consumption market in Europe and the United States are still at an early stage of development, serious imbalance in the production and sales, distribution costs, loan amortization period long, dependent on international markets is too large, single channel of sales, international market development is also more simple. Due to China toy industry export market long-term too set in in the Europe, to, to, makes China all toy of export serious rely on Europe two a economic body, cannot effective to avoid international market occurred changes caused of passive or dispersed economic recession brings of needs atrophy and trade barriers of risk; corresponding, for development Russia, and Middle East, and Eastern Europe, and African, and South America, emerging city speed and efforts also to be Yu further improve.