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How To Choose The Right Toys To Promote The Baby Intelligence Growth
- Aug 20, 2015 -

Now parents buy toys for the children are not simply let the child play, also on toys can bring benefits. As parents how to chose the right toys to baby's intellectual development? along with vinyl toys come to know about it!

1 ~ 3 months baby of eyes only short of a object, born of 1 ~ 2 months can better to concentrated attention, 3 months to 4 ~ 7 meters far of target, so, in 3 months of baby should give a bright of color, volume big, with sound of toy, as blow of animal small, plastic hanging Bell, to promote children of Visual and hearing of development.

This months 4-6 children's vision, tactile contact has been established, you can choose he could reach out and touch, scratch or squeeze talking toys, such as Bell.

7-9 extracts from children sitting or in bed at this time last month, you should choose a simple, fun, durable toys, mechanical toys, and dolls.

10 ~ December children most like to throw things, should choose to have inspiration, activity toys by hand, the priority does not break easily.

1 ~ 2 year old children start to walk, lively, is a period feeling, rapid development of perception, attention and memory, should be combined with resistance and noise-making toys for children's intellectual development, such as walking, drumming, able to withstand small duck.

3 to 6-year-olds love company, proactive, strong knowledge and the desire to imitate, you should select the disassembly of the toy.