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How To Break Through The Bottleneck Of China's Toy Industry
- Aug 20, 2015 -

The development trend of China's toy industry is good, but were met with cold reception of channel development. Why is that?

China is one of the world's largest toy production base, made up 70% of the world's toys are made in China, among which 50% is produced in Guangdong, toy exports has become one of China's five largest export industries. However channel of China's toy industry is at a very immature State, that restrict the development of marketing where are the bottlenecks? development direction discovery?

1. use vertical marketing.

2. the development of chains of small towns.

3. the set running toy wholesale market, long-term sales with promotions, providing shows for enterprise development, trade and information exchange platform.

4. develop and store.

5. tree brand chains.

6. actively explore toys export channels.