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Five Good Ideas For Managing The Baby Toys
- Aug 20, 2015 -

Today's children are happy, and a lot of toys, such as play, play usually offered to clear, only to come back and clean up the mess are not parents. Now for the question tell us about managing good ideas for baby toys!

1, in the most prominent position on the most commonly used toys

Classification toys shouldn't be too careful because for a long time, where the mother had forgotten. Every Baby toy of the day left, such as the bear hug, soothing towel, small size, easy to lose their children to where small objects. My mother usually receive, will be placed in a prominent place, such as the top television Cabinet drawers and drawer, or received.

2 to find a suitable "game"

The toy "spread" than home appears in multiple locations, for example, you can put it in the car, Grandpa and Grandma's House. It can improve the utilization of the toy. Different toys, suitable for different places, such as remote control cars are best to play outside, but the toy components (such as building blocks, puzzles, etc) applied to tables or playing on the carpet, but could not find such a team members were scattered on the ground.

3, intelligent cycle to keep fresh

Kids Toy is too much excessive stimulation, there is no way to achieve the desired results of the activities. Part it may be temporary, and then every couple of weeks, and then delete the "loop". The benefit of this is, in a certain period may be concentrated in a relatively small number of children's toys. When parents often "toy car", the children always stay fresh.

4, will not be able to use toys

If you find a toy defects and therefore cannot work, we should not hesitate to "cleared" list. The children grew up, no longer applied toys, should be abandoned. If done properly, the child is not only a waste of educational toys, but also learn how to select "Save" or "life".

5, respect for the views of children

Sorting toys should fully respect the views of children, cannot force or threat, particularly discarded toy should talk to children about the reason why, to seek his permission. For those "late", but still cherish resolutely refused to deal with old toys, a few blocks.