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What kind of baby toys safe
- Aug 20, 2015 -

First, selecting age-appropriate toys.

Choose toy choices according to child's age, children need toys for each age is different, not bud when he prepared for the children of 8.9 months old toy. Think months baby toys have no hair, because the fragile hair of babies respiratory tract, some hair loss into blocking respiratory tract and cause suffocation. This is a fit for your baby's safety options. There are different needs for different age children toys. Any time your baby's preferences are not the same, but if the toy is not age, so too simple baby toys doesn't make sense, as a child; if the toy is too complicated, babies can play very well, but the child is not only a knowledge capacity and activity. Therefore, the right selection of baby toys and can play fun and balance.

Second, choose baby's sex toy.

Baby's choice of shapes and colours are elegant, ordinary girls like dolls or color more red toy, there are some beautiful things, whereas boys are more interested in automobiles, aircraft and other. If the purchase of cars and girls, girls love; you cannot use it to buy a boy play with dolls, girl being laughed at. So buy toys to consider gender.

Three is to choose the health and safety of the toy company.

Should choose some toys made from nontoxic materials, but the color toy do not fall off, there should be no edges, it is smooth, because if a group of children can easily harm other children, so choose a vinyl doll is the best. There are toys best not too small, easy to make baby food, leading to suffocation. Will not sound but the sound of toys, best not to be too high, if the baby suddenly deafened ears playing its roar, damage the eardrum.

In order to do early childhood education, many mothers will buy a lot of baby toys to play with, do not care about right and wrong, let your children play.