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Toy tips!
- Aug 20, 2015 -

Kids Toy selection has always been a headache for parents. This is not only because so many kinds of toys, dazzling, as more toys cause of injuries in children. How to judge the safety of a toy? Sail toy company teaches you 5 very easy to trick.

Touch: first the toy touches a circle outside, look at the surface or appearance has no burrs or sharp edges, corners, Gill.

Second look: toys or products, rich and bright colors, will likely be doped heavy metal, so it's best to choose paint colors.

Three key: free coloring parts of the nail slightly pull the pull toys, paints are easier to peel.

Four stamp: prepare before buying toys with a straw, thick and thin fingers with their children about, when looking for toys, put the straw into a taste of space toys (such as the space between the wheels) and see if we can have free access without being stuck.

Five: any length less than 5 cm, diameter less than 3 cm of small toys and accessories are not safe. Parents are advised to prepare a film cassette, try some toy detachable small objects placed there, if it can be embedded inside the box as a whole, is too small, secure enough, easy to be put in the mouth by children.

In addition, no matter what channel bought toys, buy best after washing it again, or disinfected with alcohol if the packaging film, it is best to remove, and then let the children play.