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Toy cleaning
- Aug 20, 2015 -

Whether adult or child, like plush toys, more and more people, but some people do not understand within the plush toy has a lot of raw material is what causes no dry cleaning. In this great toy to remind members of the public: not all stuffed toys can be cleaned.

Hair velvet toy of fluff easy dip Shang dust, a years down, inevitably will with Shang a layer dirt, actually except sent to dry cleaning shop outside also can himself cleaning some not too big of hair velvet toy, but first to understand hair velvet toy of internal components, some internal fill of is straw, and bean shell these is cannot cleaning of, a wash easy bad, only with wet towel wipe and soft hair brush Combs.

Can cleaning of hair velvet toy, convenience network cleaning master taught you a enrollment cleaning method: will detergent joined water basin, and rushed into some water, with General of soft hair brush stirred basin in the of water, stirred out rich of bubble, then with soft hair brush dip with bubble will hair velvet toy surface brush clean, must to note brush Shang don't dip too more of water. Brushing after plush toys plush toys with a bath towel wrap, put in a basin filled with water pressure washing, this plush toy clean dirt and cleaning solution. And then stuffed into adding softener water basin proper soaking in a matter of minutes, and pressure washing in a water-filled basin several times until the water in the basin by cloudy became clear. Plush toys clean towel wrapped into the washing machine dehydration, dehydrated shaped plush toys and carded in a ventilated place to dry, so your plush toy will be as good as new.

The second method:

First of all, we have to go to the supermarket, spend 2 bucks for a large grain of salt is coarse salt, after returning home, we put salt and dirty stuffed into a plastic bag, then shake bag to fasten  dozens of times. Now, you will find plush toys and clean it. Remove coarse dirt due to adsorption of the become grey and black.

Principle of this coup is the use of table salt is sodium chloride on the adsorption of dirt. Oh, residents can extrapolate, fur collar, inside plush cushion for small things like method can also be used to "clean". Meanwhile, salt plays the role of sterilization