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Store toys there are a few tips
- Aug 20, 2015 -

Nowadays, household living conditions has been better, parents give their children to buy a lot of baby toys, but parents do not pay attention to teaching children store toys, easy to let children fall into bad habits. How to teach your child to store toys?

First, parents should pay attention to child to tidy up toys that matter. Some parents think that children play with your toys do you accept does not matter, or whatever, any toys scattered everywhere; or replace, son, I accept. Children play after we collected ourselves well placed, can also promote the child's sense of form and take care of the cultivation of good moral character.

Second, parents should also create certain conditions for their children, of packing store toys help children develop good habits. Parents can give their children a certain room for manoeuvre, after the event to sort this little world. Families with conditions can also give the child a separate room, floor carpet, for children to play, arranged on tables, shelves, cabinets, etc for children store toys. Poor families provide a corner of the room or furniture, fixed so that the child's toy store.

Thirdly, the method of teaching children store toys. Fixed store location, like the toy down, small toys on top, what toy fixed in location.

Finally, teach your children to store toys. Toy's box, should be put in place after the play. Toy box-free, parents can collect some substitution box. Store toys very sensitive with all toys, disorganized, play or toy in the East over the West, or tipping the box, all the toys covered. Term repeat the incoherent action, human thought will become flat.

Finally, you want to teach your children to toys in a boxed original format. For example blocks placed in the box there is a certain format, if misplaced, blocks will fit, because some children will not be building blocks, or can't be bothered, so the toys will be jumbled in a box of building blocks, can't find left the lost block. Long-term storage toy organization, can also extend the life of toys.

Habit is to start small and grow up, the baby is particularly important, parents as long as the guides, children will develop good habits

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