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Plastic toy doll selection considerations
- Aug 20, 2015 -

Many parents want to pass some plastic toy figurines to develop baby's intelligence, but now there are hundreds of toys, as parents how it panned out like safe and educational toys? when choosing toys for the baby but also what? with plastic toy factory now know about it!

1. Select the toys that help baby's physical and mental development, is the most important thing parents buying toys.

Depending on age, selected to help baby's physical and mental development of toys, such as the promotion of social skills, solve problems, discover things and learning to write and read, creative, communication skills, hand and eye coordination skills, confidence, stimulate imagination, and so on.

2. let baby toys involved.

If you choose plastic toys just look good and allow the baby to pause to watch, but not learning new things from the play, which will be called toys. Qualifying toys can cause your baby to explore, imagine, create an interest in it. "See nothing" toys will make the baby turn into observers, rather than participants, baby is easy to toy annoyed.

3. the toy is safe, it is environmentally friendly.

This is parents buy toys must be taken into account. Small parts in toys, easy to break, fall off, spiked or being bitten by the baby's toys are dangerous.

4. older baby can play with toys.

5. Select baby "grow up" toys, such as ball is a better choice.

6. sustainable toys.

Toys: sustainable? in the hands of baby toys, usually less than 3 days, defective or damaged, kids no longer take a look at it, their parents ' money will go to waste! toys, taking into account whether it is fall, chewy, wash-resistant conditions.

7. observe the baby toys.

When the baby after getting the toys and have cheerful, not easy to get distracted by other things, it means that your toy to buy success. But also note that baby toys in the process of purchasing in the future, try not to choose a single toy, so as to nurture the baby a variety of interests.