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Pick up the toy, to teach skills
- Aug 20, 2015 -

In a child's development process, vinyl toys are in the way of a good friend. But each time the toys, some parents will clean, others fill it with. In fact, toy, management of children, it is also a good exercise. How to pack a child's toys? wanted to know with the plastic toys factory came to know about it!

How to make a toy for a permanent "home" toys, vinyl toys children six or seven months should be to establish a sense of order, not only promoting clean habits among children, and suggested that he would put his toys. Preparation of child containers, using text or image tag, was placed in the toy "install", both beautiful and clean. Things to play in children most often free, heavy toy can be placed at the bottom, so when the children, don't hit him.

In the toy, parents should encourage children to pick up his position, the specific method can refer to:

The first step: edge of the parents Pack encourages: vinyl toys baby, you see, this toy is not playing, it needs a rest, help me tidy up, okay? some children love to sing things, parents can use the way he likes to encourage mergers.

Second step: the child is out of the question, good, smooth as some toys, some leaving left four, parents should help him organize the details.

The third step: pick up the toys, electronic toys, parents should give their children toy: of course, home, next time you can quickly find it. You are a good boy!

Fourth step: after continuous supervision to help until the kids form good habits in to pick up the toy alone. In the process, his motor coordination ability and responsibility, a sense of order and rules will be reinforced.