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How to choose for their children toys
- Aug 20, 2015 -

Now more and more pain the child by the parents, what they want to the best, particularly toys, often buying toys for kids, buy toys but also pay attention to a lot of things, then how do we scientifically select for their children toys? look along with a plastic toy factory!

Identification. In accordance with the relevant provisions of toys have in the product names, tag type, standard number, age, name and address of the manufacturer or Distributor if applicable, you should indicate the security warning, use and maintenance manual and other relevant information. Buy toys, parents first read information that will help parents to choose age-appropriate toys, and keep abreast of toy safety, in order to avoid possible injury.

Plastic toys, baby toys, electric toys, ejection toys, metal toys, baby, parents should also pay attention to packaging marked "CCC" logo. No "CCC" logo of toys, is in production technology and security guarantees, prone to problems. Therefore, recommended that parents should choose 6 toys purchased "CCC" logo products.

Caution. Buy toys, must adhere to the principle of safety first, toys to avoid confusion, each kinds of color and false purchase "killer" toys. At present, China promulgated the "national toy safety standards with GB6675,gb19865" gb14746 "electric safety of toys, children's bicycles-safety requirements" and a series of children's toy safety standard, on the safety of toys.

Age appropriate. Buy toys for kids age characteristics of children of different ages, their interests and hobbies, and to understand the differences. Therefore, in choosing toys for the child's parents, pay attention to choose their own physical and psychological characteristics of children's toys, for toys developing children's intelligence capabilities, rather than the more expensive, more advanced.

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