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Doll, plastic Doll "quality inspection of the four projects
- Aug 20, 2015 -

Clearance toys quality, related to children's health, so to ensure the child's health in production when you want to check, the plastic toy quality checking of project is it? details together with customized plastic toy manufacturers to learn about it!

1. identification of doneness: indicators of maturity of PVC full couch, also checks whether the vinyl Interior fully cured. Common methods using chemical tests of the Division method. Remove the piece of molding of vinyl, the inner surfaces folded outward, and drops at the Flex shangyasitong solvent, if vinyl is not due to insufficient heating time is ripe will burst on the inner surface may confirm this vinyl is not eligible and vice versa for qualified products.

2. determination of hardness: select a flat vinyl parts, removed about 12 mm x12 mm square and folded into more than 5 mm of thickness, durometer measurements to ensure specification requirements.

3. weight: depending on the size of vinyl, requiring vinyl material thickness should be uniform in thickness 2~5 mm, if too heavy plastic toy doll head will be thick, hair will be hard too light in weight, doll head hair can damage plastic parts, plastic parts pull enough. Often using electronic scales to measure and record the weight of vinyl in order to guarantee the achievement of the requirements, but generally allows for tolerances of ± 1~5G.

4. lined rubber pieces back type: lined rubber pieces into baked furnace temperature for 120~150℃, time (20 ± 5) min. lined rubber PVC toy of main ingredients for lined rubber production of rubber pulp raw materials by variety components composition, which main has PVC powder, and plasticizer, and hard oil, and anti-hot oil, and settled agent, and release agent and color powder,, addition, also will according to other requirements joined various of additives.